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90 Day Video Challenge (Day 1) – Taking Massive Action

90 Day Video Challenge (Day 1) – Taking Massive Action

So today is the first day of my 90 day video challenge, with the intention of taking my business to the next level. This is my first quick video and my second, screen-cast-o-matic video is ready to be published, so I’m off to a flying start.

If you’ve never used screen-cast-o-matic, it’s a free software that you often don’t even have to download – I had to, but that’s marketing on the internet :-)  You can record your screen easily, with an adjustable window and you can pay £15 for a year for some extra benefits, but the free version is fantastic.

I’ve only used it a couple of times but I found it very easy.  Just like anything on the internet, once you’ve done it a few times it makes more sense.  It definitely makes easy videos for those days when you haven’t washed your hair or you have a huge cold sore :-)

I’ve just recently bought a new laptop because my old one had a scratched lens in the webcam, so I was unable to make videos with it.  This video is the first one using my new webcam, which is another first for me as I’ve been using my trusty camera for the last few years.  

So now I’ll use my camera for any outdoor videos, the webcam for indoor, screen-cast-o-matic when I’m feeling dowdy and I also think I can do the screencast ones with a little video of me (via webcam) on the screen too.  Not tried that one yet, but I’m sure whilst I’m doing my 90 day video challenge, I’ll be trying that out.  I will probably also be upgrading my Screen-cast-o-matic account for the extra benefits.

I’m really enjoying video marketing and have made it my main marketing method (obviously, I’m doing a 90 day video challenge lol), but I really wish I had stuck with video marketing right from the start of my work at home efforts, because when you study just one subject, you get better and better at it.

90 day video challenge

90 Day Video Challenge (Day 1) – Taking Massive Action

So, the video is done, but the work is only just started.  I’m sure you know that just popping videos onto your YouTube channel is not the end of the story.

To start with I will be pinging my videos, so that the search engines know they are there.  Then I will be posting them on social sites to get back links, using Onlywire Social Bookmarking service.  

And of course I need some comments, so I will be commenting on other people’s videos, so that they watch, comment and like my videos!

Hopefully after that, my videos will begin to rank at least on YouTube, if not on the search engines!

So, have you ever thought about doing or actually done a 90 day video challenge?  Do you think it is a good idea to get you taking massive action in your business?  Please tell me how you get on in the comments section below; I’d love to hear from you.


Sue Collier

Sue Collier


How Do Blogs Make Money?

How Do Blogs Make Money

Well I guess you’re here to get an answer to the question: How do blogs make money?  Well let me just point out right upfront that tons of blogs do NOT make money!  

But then tons of blogs DO make money :-)

 There will always be people who like the sound of making a blog, look into it and decide to give it a go.  A high percentage of these people will spend untold hours toiling over which blogging platform to use, how to set it up, what content to use, where to get images from, whether to start making videos and dozens more problems. 

Their major realization will come when they only get a handful of visitors to their shiny new blog; it’s like an island in the middle of a vast ocean!

Sorry folks, setting your blog up is the easy bit :-(

Getting visitors to come to your amazing new blog, and then actually making money from them is a whole other level!

So, we’re back to the same old question:

How do blogs make money?

Well presuming you can get some traffic to come to your blog (and we’ll work on that later), there are lots of ways to make money from them.

1)  You can sell your own products

Of course not everyone will want to make their own products, but selling your own products on your blog can be a big moneymaker.  Even a short report in pdf form can make you some regular money.

2)  You can sell other people’s products

This is known as affiliate marketing.  You find a product in your niche  and sign up as an affiliate so that you can promote their products on your blog.  This can be with a banner, with blogging or reviewing the product on your blog.  Amazon or ClickBank are popular choice for affiliate marketers.

3)  You can join a Network Marketing company

If you are a Network Marketer a blog is a great idea!  You can blog about your company and your product line.  You could attract people into your business by helping them set up their own blog and giving them ideas for marketing.  You could do blog posts on a different product each week, highlighting its benefits and hopefully making money that way.

4)  You can become a retailer

You could set up your own shop or business (or perhaps you already have one).  Setting up a blog would certainly drive sales and you could let customers know via your blog about any special offers  or sales you have going on, or highlight particular products.

How Do Blogs Make Money?


photo courtesy of Stuart Miles @freedigitalphotos.net

How Do Blogs Make Money?

So now you can see that there are lots of ways to monetize a blog.  But of course without traffic, no-one will ever visit your site!

There are so many different ways to get traffic to your website, it would be impossible for me to list all of them for your now, so this is just a few starter ideas for you.

#1  Join a Tribe and get your content syndicated.  With most tribes, you read, comment and ‘like’ other people’s articles and videos, and they return the favour. These can work very well and soon get some traffic going to your site as your content is shared around the internet.

#2  Share every post you make on as many social media sites as you can.

#3  Share all your posts on as many bookmarking sites as you can.  Later on you can automate some of this.

#4   Make sure your posts have good ‘on page’ SEO so they can be found easily by the search engines….(free traffic!)

 #5  Post regularly!  If you only do the occasional post, Google will pretty much ignore you.  If you do regular, good quality posts, Google will rank you higher.

That should kick-start traffic to your blog, but you need to take into consideration, no scrub that, you need to get into the MINDSET,  that blogging is a long-term strategy – you need to be building up your blog constantly for at least 90 days before you will see results.

Whaaaat??  Yes really!

And I mean proper, solid, hard work; not just an hour here and there!  Do you want success?  Then you need to put in the work!

Whilst you are building up that traffic to your blog, you must get some other type of marketing going on, preferably paid marketing.

The success or failure of your blog is never down to luck;

 Unless it’s L-U-C-K as in Labour Under Correct Knowledge!  

If you labour under correct knowledge, your blog should succeed and you will know the answer to the question – How Do Blogs Make Money?!!

 So how do you make money with your blog?  Please leave me your comments and let me know how you get results with your blogging.


Sue Collier Online

Sue Collier



PS  Me?  How do I make money with my blog?  You really wanna know?  Naa, not telling lol!




Email Marketing – Love or Hate?

Do you Love Email Marketing?  Or Do You Hate It?

Email Marketing – Some of us love it, some of us hate it, but whichever you are, you need to realise that Email Marketing is probably the biggest money-maker on the internet.


Email Marketing – Love or Hate?

People hate it because they join a guru’s list and immediately they are bombarded with emails, offering one product after the other, or pushing them to get involved with a business and often with little or no help or advice.

I totally understand how people get cheesed off with these type of emails.

Some people will always market this way, because some people WILL buy everything they are offered!  Hell, look at me – 5 years online and I still love to investigate Big Shiny Buttons!

Plus so many marketers say “You must email your list everyday – maybe even twice!!”

Well again, as a marketer – I understand this point of view too (what me, sitting on the fence, never lol :-)

You see as a marketer, I’ve come online to make money like every other marketer (whatever they might say) and if emailing everyday makes me money…..!

But what I feel is the absolute best way to use email marketing (Because I’m not a guru and because I’m not the type of person to push anyone into something they may regret) is to use email marketing as a tool to get people who join your list to know and like you, so that eventually they trust you to only offer products and services that will help them to succeed with their business.   

So to my mind, 80% of your email marketing should be offering free trainings, helpful blog posts, webinars; indeed anything that is a valuable resource to help them build THEIR business.

The other 20% can be invitations to join you in business or a recommendation of a product or service that you are already using, that helps you in your business.

To me email marketing,whether you love it or hate it, is a chance for your list to get to know who you are as a person, your story, where you live and what you love etc.  Because some people on your list will be inspired by your story and those who are not will unsubscribe to find someone who resonates better to them.

Which is fine!  Never feel bad when someone unsubscribes because everyone is attracted to different people (noooo, not like that; what are you like!)

Personally, I’m not keen on young ladies with high-pitched squeaky voices!  I can’t watch their video’s so I don’t want to be on their lists, but it is not personal!

Email Marketing – Love or Hate?

email marketing love or hate

Plus it could be other marketers checking out your email list!  It could even be me, because I love to see how other people market and I often get on a list for that very reason :-)

The problem for so many marketers though is that it’s just so difficult to come up with follow-up emails to keep your list interested.

I know that is my biggest problem, but it’s something I’m working on consistently to improve.

In fact I am working on a new batch of follow-up emails right now to try to connect better with the people on my list.  I’m trying to let them see me as a real person, just be being myself and seeing my problems as well as my successes.

And I know what I want from an email – a great headline that makes me want to open it or intrigues me; special offers, inspiration, education and every so often one that just plain makes me laugh :-)

So do you love or hate Email Marketing?  What problems do you have with it?  Please leave your comments below, especially if you believe you are good at email marketing!

Til next time

Sue Collier

sue collier



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Are You An Internet Marketer?  Should You Still Be Using Backlinks As A Marketing Strategy?


 Is It The End For Backlinks As An Internet Marketing Strategy?

I have recently been researching SEO techniques and how to rank in Google and what Google actually wants from us in the form of articles and videos.  Although I believe Google is taking far less interest in backlinks as an Internet Marketing Strategy, I still feel they want to see some, naturally building backlinks to our content.

Too many, just like too few or none at all, can definitely go against your ranking.

I would say Google now is more interested in ‘Social Signals’  rather than backlinks.  (Though of course comments are a type of backlink).

Social signals are ‘likes’, retweets, plus ones, comments etc and as such I believe we will see (and in fact are already seeing) a resurgence of tribes and team members creating groups to syndicate each other’s blog posts and videos.

Several years ago, I was in a great tribe and we syndicated each other’s work religiously.  However, I hadn’t been online long at the time and just didn’t realise the importance of syndication and how much traffic my blog was getting directly from it!

In fact, looking back I would say this is possibly how close I was to succeeding in the business I was promoting at the time when I gave up syndicating.

internet marketing strategy

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

When I remember how high my blog was ranked and how my visitors per day were increasing, it really makes me angry with myself!  I have already got involved with a couple of syndication groups and will certainly be spending some quality time syndicating other people’s content.  I had forgotten how much you can learn from other bloggers in your niche, without taking into account all those lovely comments, shares and likes:-)

So, I for one am very pleased that Google wants Social Signals instead of people chucking hundreds of backlinks at their work.

Social is much more fun :-)

While I’m on the subject of syndication (yes, I may have gone slightly off track, but I do feel it is related) another great way to get your content syndicated is at http://www.iboexchange.com where you build up points by ‘liking’ other people’s Facebook Pages, adding them on Twitter and pinning them on Pinterest.  Then you can add your own pages to build your social signals.  

Iboexchange goes quite slowly at the moment, though I do feel this seems more natural, which is always good.  Once you sign up you also get regular coupons for free bonus points and if you log in each day you can get some extra, which is all good.

I think when you search for something in Google (and the other Search Engines), you want to find information about your chosen subject that helps you make an informed decision about whether or not you wish to buy or get involved with it.  

Not a load of badly written mumbo-jumbo stuffed with hundreds of keywords that make no sense!

And that is exactly what I believe what Google wants to see – Authority Sites, full of good content, well written, with lots of social signals.  And lots of pictures, relevant videos and infographics seem to go down well too!

I’m beginning to love the ‘science’ of SEO, ranking in Google, and watching how Google is evolving and changing over the years.  Probably not something that most marketers would agree with!

In many ways, I wish I had specialised in just that, SEO, right from the beginning of my internet marketing journey.

Anyway enough for now!  Do you use backlinks as an internet marketing strategy?  Do you believe they are dead and if so what are you doing instead?  Please let me know in the comments!

And I love to share!!

Til next time

Sue Collier

 sue collier

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Work At Home Success: 3 Rules You Must Follow

 Work At Home Success: 3 Rules You Must Follow

Whaaat?  You don’t know the three rules for Work at Home Success??


Well here you go, ready?

No 1 is Focus

No 2 is Focus.…….and have you guessed it?

Yes, No 3 is Focus!!

work at home success

Simple Huh?

But, it’s soooo difficult!

You see even after 5 years online, I still get distracted by OPE and BSB!

What are they?

Well OPE  stands for Other People’s Emails and BSB stands for Bright Shiny Buttons :-)

1)  Other People’s Emails

You see my problem is that I want to know what everyone else is doing online – and although that’s healthy in that I can keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry – it also stops me from doing my everyday tasks to market and build my business.

So my decision is that I’m still going to keep an eye on other people, but for now I’m going to opt-out of Other People’s Emails!  

I’m really going to clean up my inbox(es), so that I’m not tempted to spend all day reading emails and clicking on links.

I’m going to FOCUS on my Work At Home Success!

2)  Bright Shiny Buttons

Which leads me quite nicely to those Big or Bright Shiny Buttons!

Because I read OPE’s, I click on their links to see where they go, then I see their Bright Shiny Buttons and I want to know how their funnel works; what capture page they are using, what page it leads to, what business they’re promoting, how good their emails are and on and on and on.

But it stops me from FOCUSING!

So I’m cutting out the OPE’s and the BSB’s:-)

I’m going to focus only on IPA’s for the next few months and just plain old ignore those OPE’s and BSB’s.

Of course, I’m definitely going to read my emails (the few that will be left when I’ve opted-out of everything but the most important ones: team updates, mentors, business etc.  But I will be reading them later in the day, after I’ve done my IPA’s for my work at home business.

Oh no, not another one?

Yep, this is the important one – Income Producing Activities!

By this I mean any or all of these (and probably more I’ve forgotten for now):-

  • Buying paid traffic (don’t forget to track it so you know it converts)
  • Writing articles
  • Doing videos
  • Syndicating your content
  • Syndicating other people’s content (join a group if you’re not already doing this)
  • *****Email Your List******   –  This one comes with lots of stars next to it; it’s that important!

I am definitely going to be doing some posts on email marketing, because how many people do you know just like me who can’t stop reading Other People’s Emails?  So clearly e-mail marketing is HUGE and believe me, lots of people (even some people who I used to think were ‘guru types’ are not doing great email marketing!

So, are you looking for work at home success and if you are, how do you keep that focus?  Please leave me a comment below – I always need extra ideas, especially now I’m giving up OPE’s!


Sue Collier

sue collier



Work At Home Success: 3 Rules You Must Follow

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Who Is Jeff Buchanan Of Instant Payday Network?

Hello, Sue Collier here again and today I want to answer a question I often get from people – Who is this Jeff Buchanan guy and can he be trusted?

Haha, yes, I think you will find Jeff to be an upstanding, everyday regular bloke who got fed up of doing the 9-5 grind and decided to try his hand at making money on the internet.

And wow, did he succeed:-)

Jeff Buchanan as of today 3rd April 2014 is in 9th position on the Empower Network leaderboards for Total Number of Leads since Empower opened!  I think that ranks him pretty high!  Check out this photo for proof.


Jeff Buchanan

Who Is Jeff Buchanan Of Instant Payday Network?

Jeff (or Jeffrey) Buchanan lives in California, is very much a family man and loves God.  He has been in the position so many aspiring Network Marketers and Internet Marketers find themselves, in that he wanted to replace his 9-5 grind income by making money online.  Unlike so many, Jeff kept going and after some struggles ‘broke the code’ for making money on the internet.

He set up a program called Instant Payday Network which is a free system utilising Fortune 500 companies who need people to advertise for them.  By initially signing up for a few offers with these companies and then following the system to get others to sign up too, you can get paid by these Fortune 500 companies.

To find out more about Instant Payday Network, read this article.

Instant Payday Network has excellent training both on the IPDN site and on a Facebook page (which you are invited to once you join).  In fact I would say the training I have found in Instant Payday Network is some of the best free training I have ever seen.

And is Jeff Buchanan still around now he’s a top leader in Empower Network?  Yes, Jeff is still very much on board with the Instant Payday Network business and in fact is still the person getting the most leads into his IPDN business each month as you can see below!  It’s only 3rd April today and Jeff has had 18 sign-ups!  Funnily enough this is the first time I’ve seen anyone beating him :-)  WTG Lavan!!

And this is a great time to mention Carin Petty, who is an amazing leader in Instant Payday Network and constantly produces excellent and funny videos, admins the Facebook Page and generally guides and helps all of us.  So a big shout-out to Carin!

instant payday network


Who Is Jeff Buchanan Of Instant Payday Network?

In fact Jeff has added Empower Network as an extra step inside Instant Payday Network, so that once people are getting to grips with earning good money inside IPDN, they can ‘scale up’ their business to include Empower.  

This will take them to the big money, as Empower Network has several high ticket products, and will definitely speed up the process of making the bigger money as you need to sell far less of the high ticket products to make good money.

I think IPDN is a great starter product for Empower Network, because many people aspire to join Empower but just do not have the resources available to them to get in at the level required to make good money.

Whichever way you look at it, Jeff Buchanan is one of the good ones!  Although he is nowadays dubbed a ‘guru’, I really don’t think this is a name that you would hear Jeff describing himself as!

I hope you have enjoyed my review of Jeff Buchanan and you understand more of ‘who’ he is.  If you enjoyed this article I would be grateful if you could like, share and particularly comment on it below.  Thanks


Jeff Buchanan






PS  Believe you could make money with a one-time $18 payment?  I’m a believer!



Instant Payday Network – Real or Fake?

Is Instant Payday Network the real thing, or is it a fake?


Hi, Sue Collier here and today, as you can see, I want to talk about Instant Payday Network.  

As most of you probably know I am involved with Empower Network and I am getting results.  However I am often asked how someone who has little or no money to invest can get involved with Empower.

After researching and thinking about it for some time, I came across Instant Payday Network.  Although I didn’t realise it at the time, this site actually leads into Empower Network as their ‘big money step’.  

It was set up by a bloke called Jeff Buchanan, who is one of the high earners in Empower, which says bucketloads for the system.  Think about it; if Jeff wasn’t still making money with Instant Payday Network but was making loads of money in Empower, why would he continue to run IPDN?

Well obviously I have joined Instant Payday Network, and I can tell you Jeff is still very much involved, in fact this month alone (March 2014) Jeff has brought in 208 new members to Instant Payday Network himself!  That should tell you that this business is still going strong!

Instant Payday Network

IPDN Splash


 And why wouldn’t it?  It is VERY low cost to join and may even be free for you!  I personally live in the UK and this opportunity is mainly based in the USA and Canada, and although it is available in the UK, we have much fewer offers available in the MyCashFreebies site.  

I had to pay £30 (about $49) to complete one offer in Express.MyCashFreebies and two offers in Double.MyCashFreebies to get my one credit.

But remember this is something you only have to do ONE TIME!  

This is the only time you will have to pay for anything (if indeed you had to in the first place).

Definitely worth a look; don’t dismiss this out of hand as you may not have to pay anything at all.

What happens is that you join Instant Payday Network, you will be instructed by Jeff to join the two MyCashFreebie sites above and complete offers to the value of one credit at each site.  

Once you have done this, you can set up your IPDN back office and immediately start to advertise your link.

There is tons of training in the back office, and if that’s not enough we have an amazing Facebook group with just so many happy, friendly members helping you with anything you are having problems with.  

And again, bucketloads of excellent training on getting those payments flowing into your bank account daily.

And then there is step 4, where you can choose to become involved with Empower Network, once you are making plenty of money with IPDN.  This will ‘scale up’ your income to a whole other level! :-D

Instant Payday Network - Real or Fake

Inside the Back Office of IPDN

But first things first, go here now and watch Jeff Buchanan’s video, enjoy his ‘silvery tongued’ wisdom and follow his instructions and you will be well on your way to becoming a proper, fully fledged internet marketer!

Click Here For A More Detailed Explanation of Instant Payday Network!

One last word of warning though!  This is NOT a get rich quick scheme.  


No one is going to pass you money on a silver platter.

You will have to take action but when you start to get those little ‘ca-ching’ sounds saying that you’ve been paid, you will not be able to stop grinning!

If you enjoyed my review of Instant Payday Network (real or fake), I’d love it if you could like and share this article for me.  Thanks!

To Our Success

Sue Collier







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Just A Reminder To Keep You On Course!!

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Does Your Optimism Wear Heavy Boots?

“My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.”
Henry Rollins

does your optimism wear heavy boots?

As soon as I read that quote I recognised that my optimism was like that

Not sure where it came from; think I’ve always been optimistic, but I have to suppose that it was instilled in me by my Mother, Joyce. 

When I remember her, I do imagine someone optimistic and generally happy, so I presume that’s where my optimism comes from.

I didn’t recognise it as optimism at first. 

Not really until I worked at a local supermarket with a lady called Margaret.  After working with her for a  few months (mainly just the two of us together), she told me she really liked working with me as I always looked on the bright side. 

She said the girl who did my job before me was constantly pessimistic. 

She was never happy with anything and always put a downward spin on anything that happened in life. 

Margaret said that she made her feel worse about everything, whereas I made her feel better and cheered her up. 

Amazing!  I didn’t realise I had such power!  Made me feel pretty good, I admit.

So my question to you is – are you optimistic? 

To be honest I think if you are not optimistic, you probably wouldn’t be here online looking for a way to make money, because you wouldn’t believe it was possible :-)  

So you must be at least a little optimistic. 

Scepticism I understand; you need the facts and figures before you can believe what is possible, but pessimism is a sure-fire way to failure online and in most other parts of life.

If every time some little thing goes wrong in your life,  you moan and groan, telling everyone around you that life’s not fair, then I would class you as pessimistic and you really need to think about what you’re doing. 

People don’t like to be around miserable people.  We all have bad times in our lives, but we don’t all share our unhappiness with everyone we meet and make them grumpy too!

There IS almost always a good side to every bad thing that happens! 

You may not be able to see it immediately but it is there.  Silver Linings and all that! 

So start smiling :-) today and decide that from now on you will always try to put an optimistic spin on things! 

We’re only here on earth for a short while and we need to enjoy it.

So – is your optimism wearing heavy boots today?  Is it loud??

Sue Collier



A few weeks ago I spent some time at a lovely campsite overlooking the sea and the weather was lovely (I mention this because it’s quite unusual for us in England to have lovely weather!)  I spent some considerable time just sitting staring at the waves crashing on the rocks or sometimes just quietly lapping on the shore.

The thing I realised was that the tide will come in and go out everyday, whatever is in its way, whatever the weather, whatever else is happening in the world.  It is unstoppable!!  Exactly the quality that you need to build a Network Marketing business!  The sea doesn’t care how many barriers you put in front of it.  It doesn’t care if we build sea walls and sea defences; it will still come in everyday!  And this is what you need to do to build an amazing Network Marketing business.

So be unstoppable in your business.  Ignore the people who tell you it can’t be done (even if it is your family and friends!); you know it CAN be done!  Go around all the obstacles that you will find on your way, or if that doesn’t work, go over them!  And when you are having a bad day, simply give yourself an hour or two off and go out and have fun.  Treat yourself. Take the dog for a walk, get some fresh air; go somewhere you have never been before.  Then get back on the horse (!) and ride away to success.  Don’t allow anyone or anything to stand in the way of your success.

Because just like the sea, you can be unstoppable. You need to be focused, determined and consistent.  Make a detailed plan of what you want to achieve each day and follow it as closely as you can.  Realise that a Home Business takes consistent action for maybe a year or even two before you will see results.  Of course, your life will get in the way; that’s a given!  Just don’t let it get you down.  Understand that stuff happens.  Just totally focus on what you want to achieve and get your head down and keep working.

Keep your dreams alive and right there in front of you, and you will be unstoppable!