Do You Know The 3 Rules You Absolutely, Totally MUST Follow For Work At Home Success?


Whaaat?  You don’t know the three rules for Work at Home Success??


Well here you go, ready?

No 1 is Focus

No 2 is Focus.…….and have you guessed it?

Yes, No 3 is Focus!!

 Work At Home Success: 3 Rules You Must Follow

Simple Huh?

But, it’s soooo difficult!

You see even after 5 years online, I still get distracted by OPE and BSB!

What are they?

Well OPE  stands for Other People’s Emails and BSB stands for Bright Shiny Buttons  Work At Home Success: 3 Rules You Must Follow

1)  Other People’s Emails

You see my problem is that I want to know what everyone else is doing online – and although that’s healthy in that I can keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry – it also stops me from doing my everyday tasks to market and build my business.

So my decision is that I’m still going to keep an eye on other people, but for now I’m going to opt-out of Other  !  

I’m really going to clean up my inbox(es), so that I’m not tempted to spend all day reading emails and clicking on links.

I’m going to FOCUS on the success of my work at home business!

2)  Bright Shiny Buttons

Which leads me quite nicely to those Big or Bright Shiny Buttons!

Because I read OPE’s, I click on their links to see where they go, then I see their Bright Shiny Button and I want to know how their funnel works; what capture page they are using, what page it leads to, what business they’re promoting, how good their emails are and on and on and on.

But it stops me from FOCUSSING from now on!

I’m cutting out the OPE’s and the BSB’s:-)

I’m going to focus only on IPA’s for the next few months and just plain old ignore those OPE’s and BSB’s.

Of course, I’m definitely going to read my emails (the few that will be left when I’ve opted-out of everything but the most important ones: team updates, mentors, business etc.  But I will be reading them later in the day, after I’ve done my IPA’s for my work at home business.

Oh no, not another one?

Yep, this is the important one – Income Producing Activities!

By this I mean any or all of these (and probably more I’ve forgotten for now):-

  • Buying paid traffic (don’t forget to track it so you know it converts)
  • Writing articles
  • Doing videos
  • Syndicating your content
  • Syndicating other people’s content (join a group if you’re not already doing this)
  • *****Email Your List******   –  This one comes with lots of stars next to it; it’s that important!

I am definitely going to be doing some posts on email marketing, because how many people do you know just like me who can’t stop reading Other People’s Emails?  So clearly e-mail marketing is HUGE and believe me, lots of people (even some people who I used to think were ‘guru types’ are not doing great email marketing!

So, do you work at home?  Are you focused for success and if you are, how do you keep that focus?  Please leave me a comment below – I always need extra ideas, especially now I’m giving up OPE’s!


 Work At Home Success: 3 Rules You Must Follow

 Work At Home Success: 3 Rules You Must Follow



PS  If you’re looking for more leads for your home business you have to check this out!  I’ve not even set it up properly yet, but I know it is getting me leads everyday.  It’s like a Home Business for your Home Business!


Hello, Sue Collier here again and today I want to answer a question I often get from people – Who is this Jeff Buchanan guy and can he be trusted?

Haha, yes, I think you will find Jeff to be an upstanding, everyday regular bloke who got fed up of doing the 9-5 grind and decided to try his hand on the internet.

And wow, did he succeed:-)

Jeff Buchanan as of today 3rd April 2014 is in 9th position on the Empower Network leaderboards for Total Number of Leads since Empower opened!  I think that ranks him pretty high!  Check out this photo for proof.


 Who Is Jeff Buchanan Of Instant Payday Network?

Jeff (or Jeffrey) Buchanan lives in California, is very much a family man and loves God.  He has been in the position so many aspiring Network Marketers and Internet Marketers find themselves, in that he wanted to replace his 9-5 grind income by making money online.  Unlike so many, Jeff kept going and after some struggles ‘broke the code’ for making money on the internet.

He set up a program called Instant Payday Network which is a free system utilising Fortune 500 companies who need people to advertise for them.  By initially signing up for a few offers with these companies and then following the system to get others to sign up too, you can get paid by these Fortune 500 companies.

To find out more about Instant Payday Network, read this article.

Instant Payday Network has excellent training both on the IPDN site and on a Facebook page (which you are invited to once you join).  In fact I would say the training I have found in Instant Payday Network is some of the best free training I have ever seen.

And is Jeff Buchanan still around now he’s a top leader in Empower Network?  Yes, Jeff is still very much on board with the Instant Payday Network business and in fact is still the person getting the most leads into his IPDN business each month as you can see below!  It’s only 3rd April today and Jeff has had 18 sign-ups!  Funnily enough this is the first time I’ve seen anyone beating him  Who Is Jeff Buchanan Of Instant Payday Network?  WTG Lavan!!

And this is a great time to mention Carin Petty, who is an amazing leader in Instant Payday Network and constantly produces excellent and funny videos, admins the Facebook Page and generally guides and helps all of us.  So a big shout-out to Carin!

 Who Is Jeff Buchanan Of Instant Payday Network?







In fact Jeff has added Empower Network as an extra step inside Instant Payday Network, so that once people are getting to grips with earning good money inside IPDN, they can ‘scale up’ their business to include Empower.  

This will take them to the big money, as Empower Network has several high ticket products, and will definitely speed up the process of making the bigger money as you need to sell far less of the high ticket products to make good money.

I think IPDN is a great starter product for Empower Network, because many people aspire to join Empower but just do not have the resources available to them to get in at the level required to make good money.

Whichever way you look at it, Jeff Buchanan is one of the good ones!  Although he is nowadays dubbed a ‘guru’, I really don’t think this is a name that you would hear Jeff describing himself as!

I hope you have enjoyed my review of Jeff Buchanan and you understand more of ‘who’ he is.  If you enjoyed this article I would be grateful if you could like, share and particularly comment on it below.  Thanks


 Who Is Jeff Buchanan Of Instant Payday Network?

 Who Is Jeff Buchanan Of Instant Payday Network?






PS I’m in the Prosperity Team within Empower Network, which is the best team going.  We are just in pre-launch of the iPAS 2 system which is going to be huge!  I can’t say too much about it here, but I’ll be writing a blog post all about it soon!  Whilst we’re in pre-launch you can get yourself a FREE account now and receive the first three products for nothing!  Grab yourself an account here NOW!



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