Are You An Internet Marketer?  Should You Still Be Using Backlinks As A Marketing Strategy?


 Is It The End For Backlinks As An Internet Marketing Strategy?

I have recently been researching SEO techniques and how to rank in Google and what Google actually wants from us in the form of articles and videos.  Although I believe Google is taking far less interest in backlinks as an Internet Marketing Strategy, I still feel they want to see some, naturally building backlinks to our content.

Too many, just like too few or none at all, can definitely go against your ranking.

I would say Google now is more interested in ‘Social Signals’  rather than backlinks.  (Though of course comments are a type of backlink).

Social signals are ‘likes’, retweets, plus ones, comments etc and as such I believe we will see (and in fact are already seeing) a resurgence of tribes and team members creating groups to syndicate each other’s blog posts and videos.

Several years ago, I was in a great tribe and we syndicated each other’s work religiously.  However, I hadn’t been online long at the time and just didn’t realise the importance of syndication and how much traffic my blog was getting directly from it!

In fact, looking back I would say this is possibly how close I was to succeeding in the business I was promoting at the time when I gave up syndicating.

internet marketing strategy

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

When I remember how high my blog was ranked and how my visitors per day were increasing, it really makes me angry with myself!  I have already got involved with a couple of syndication groups and will certainly be spending some quality time syndicating other people’s content.  I had forgotten how much you can learn from other bloggers in your niche, without taking into account all those lovely comments, shares and likes:-)

So, I for one am very pleased that Google wants Social Signals instead of people chucking hundreds of backlinks at their work.

Social is much more fun :-)

While I’m on the subject of syndication (yes, I may have gone slightly off track, but I do feel it is related) another great way to get your content syndicated is at where you build up points by ‘liking’ other people’s Facebook Pages, adding them on Twitter and pinning them on Pinterest.  Then you can add your own pages to build your social signals.  

Iboexchange goes quite slowly at the moment, though I do feel this seems more natural, which is always good.  Once you sign up you also get regular coupons for free bonus points and if you log in each day you can get some extra, which is all good.

I think when you search for something in Google (and the other Search Engines), you want to find information about your chosen subject that helps you make an informed decision about whether or not you wish to buy or get involved with it.  

Not a load of badly written mumbo-jumbo stuffed with hundreds of keywords that make no sense!

And that is exactly what I believe what Google wants to see – Authority Sites, full of good content, well written, with lots of social signals.  And lots of pictures, relevant videos and infographics seem to go down well too!

I’m beginning to love the ‘science’ of SEO, ranking in Google, and watching how Google is evolving and changing over the years.  Probably not something that most marketers would agree with!

In many ways, I wish I had specialised in just that, SEO, right from the beginning of my internet marketing journey.

Anyway enough for now!  Do you use backlinks as an internet marketing strategy?  Do you believe they are dead and if so what are you doing instead?  Please let me know in the comments!

And I love to share!!

Til next time

Sue Collier

 sue collier

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Do You Know The 3 Rules You Absolutely, Totally MUST Follow For Work At Home Success?


Whaaat?  You don’t know the three rules for Work at Home Success??


Well here you go, ready?

No 1 is Focus

No 2 is Focus.…….and have you guessed it?

Yes, No 3 is Focus!!

work at home success

Simple Huh?

But, it’s soooo difficult!

You see even after 5 years online, I still get distracted by OPE and BSB!

What are they?

Well OPE  stands for Other People’s Emails and BSB stands for Bright Shiny Buttons :-)

1)  Other People’s Emails

You see my problem is that I want to know what everyone else is doing online – and although that’s healthy in that I can keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry – it also stops me from doing my everyday tasks to market and build my business.

So my decision is that I’m still going to keep an eye on other people, but for now I’m going to opt-out of Other  !  

I’m really going to clean up my inbox(es), so that I’m not tempted to spend all day reading emails and clicking on links.

I’m going to FOCUS on the success of my work at home business!

2)  Bright Shiny Buttons

Which leads me quite nicely to those Big or Bright Shiny Buttons!

Because I read OPE’s, I click on their links to see where they go, then I see their Bright Shiny Button and I want to know how their funnel works; what capture page they are using, what page it leads to, what business they’re promoting, how good their emails are and on and on and on.

But it stops me from FOCUSSING from now on!

I’m cutting out the OPE’s and the BSB’s:-)

I’m going to focus only on IPA’s for the next few months and just plain old ignore those OPE’s and BSB’s.

Of course, I’m definitely going to read my emails (the few that will be left when I’ve opted-out of everything but the most important ones: team updates, mentors, business etc.  But I will be reading them later in the day, after I’ve done my IPA’s for my work at home business.

Oh no, not another one?

Yep, this is the important one – Income Producing Activities!

By this I mean any or all of these (and probably more I’ve forgotten for now):-

  • Buying paid traffic (don’t forget to track it so you know it converts)
  • Writing articles
  • Doing videos
  • Syndicating your content
  • Syndicating other people’s content (join a group if you’re not already doing this)
  • *****Email Your List******   –  This one comes with lots of stars next to it; it’s that important!

I am definitely going to be doing some posts on email marketing, because how many people do you know just like me who can’t stop reading Other People’s Emails?  So clearly e-mail marketing is HUGE and believe me, lots of people (even some people who I used to think were ‘guru types’ are not doing great email marketing!

So, do you work at home?  Are you focused for success and if you are, how do you keep that focus?  Please leave me a comment below – I always need extra ideas, especially now I’m giving up OPE’s!


Sue Collier

sue collier



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